Current Project

Al-Rissalah College - Lakemba

Structure : 2 Storey Steel Building.
Estimated Completion Date : February 2020

Caringbah School Gymnasium

Structural building of the gymnasium for the catholic school at Caringbah NSW. Duration is 4 weeks for the project. Engineering and drawings provided by client and have been pre-assesed by our in house engineers for efficiency with timing and quoting.

Residential Awning Point Piper

Residential awning project with a modern design. We fabricated tand installed the galvanised steel awning. Built for extra durability to withstand the rough conditions of the Sydney sea side weather conditions.

Ute Tray Repair and Replacement

Old tray repaired and some parts replaced with custom made parts. Thanks to our fabrication team and hign end facilities we are able to manage all from sandblasting to repainting.

Grevillea Construction Equipment

Our company contracts for Grevillea Australia. Design and manufacturer of construction and lifting equipment. We are responsible of fabricating and servicing Mancage, Rescue Cages, Loading Platforms and etc...

Raimondi Tower Crane Refurbishment

Refurbishment of a used Raimonid MRT 294 Tower Crane. Replacing of all components from jib to slew motor and even cabin. Our team have unleashed all their fabrication, mechanic and technical skills with project.

Rebuilding a Tower Crane Cooling Motor

When finding are too difficult or time is a problem. We can custome build parts and complicated equipment to have you running at no time. Our technical team designs, fabricates and install a tower crane cooling motor in less than a full day.

Custom Plant Box

Designed and Fabricated a custom steel plant box with anchor points. Made for Growthbuilt meeting event.